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Dough Fundraiser

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The Nipissing Country Music Association
would like to let everyone know that as long as possible, we will keep the Northern Ontario Open Country Singing Contest alive and without an admission charge to the Singing Contest. The Contest is maintaining it's reputation and with the help of our volunteers, our judges, our bands and our executive, it looks like we are here to stay!!!
Our sponsors and donors have really made a difference in keeping us alive as well, so we have to say "hats off to them".  
To make a donation, for more information, help out with an event or enter the contest contact Harley at 705-474-0776 or by email at harleyrenaud@hotmail.com

"This Country Singing Contest is known as one of the best in Ontario and we want to keep our reputation. We've had people come here from all parts of Ontario," Renaud said.

The Nipissing Country Music Association will be holding a fund raiser for the contest at the Callander Community Centre on April 30th, 2016 and a golf tournament on June 05, 2016 at Osprey Golf Course as a fund raiser for the Country Singing Contest. Entry is $100.00 per person. For more details, contact Harley @ 705-474-0776.

Some other events planned are as follows:

April 02 - Wall of Honor at the Voyager (inducting Bonita Mercer and JR Aubertin)
September 11 - a pot luck and silent auction. (has been cancelled for this year)
September 23 - another Wall of Honor to be announced. (has been postponed to April of 2017)
October 03 - annual general membership meeting with elections (open to all).
November 12 - craft and bake sale at the Callander Community Centre
November 27 - members only Christmas get together.
January 01, 2017 - New Year's pot luck.
We had a great and successful 2015 so let's make 2016 even greater. If you have any suggestions or ideas for generating more funds, please contact us. Before anyone approaches a merchant or business about a donation or similar, could you please contact us first, so that we can make sure the business has not already been contacted, plus we can keep track of everyone and that way no one will be approached more than once. At this time, we would like to thank everyone for their help and suggestions.

On another note, please check out our brand new location for our "Wall of Honor". We are on the wall near the Hart Store in the North Bay Mall on Lakeshore.
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