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30th Annual Northern Ontario Open Country Singing Contest
August 3rd, 4th & 5th, 2018 at the Billy Barber Complex (Community Centre) in Callander, Ontario $10,000 in Cash Prizes
Hosted by Nipissing Country Music Association
 Chris Renaud will also be a liason for promotional and fundraising purposes.

30th Annual Northern Ontario Open Country Singing Contest

Rules and Regulations
  1. Contestants must be able to prove they are a Canadian Citizen or have landed immigrant status, and proof of age.

  2. Contestants must sing two (2) songs of their own choice (providing one of your song choices is a pre 1990 Country song) in the following order:  1st song - slow tempo, 2nd song - up tempo.  A good contrast in tempo is a mustYour selection must be country as accepted by the Committee.  Failure to comply will result in your entry being refused.

  3. Penalty of 25 points will apply if both songs are not completed within 6 and 1/2 minutes.

  4. Singers must perform with all members of the band supplied (no accapella) and may use an acoustic guitar to play along with the band (unamplified) (no props allowed).  Talking on stage is restricted to Thank You's. For an "intro." only the first chord displayed on the chart will be given and no instrumental breaks will be played.

  5. One double spaced typed set of lyrics (as performed by you) (no internet charts) for each song is required with your entry form. Include your name, key and your class. No application will be accepted until you  provide Donna Roberts with a good quality original artist CD copy or MP3 of each song, plus typed lyrics (double spaced). MP3 and Lyrics can be emailed to Donna - serinababe@hotmail.com The assigned band will do the charts (the cost is included in your entry fee). You must also inform the band of any key changes, if not the same as the CD and any other changes such as tempo, skipped verses, etc..., in order to keep rehearsals on time. (If you do not inform the band of a key change, they will practice the song in the key that is on the CD or MP3 supplied)
  6. Singers will be allowed one (1) false start without penalty in the preliminaries only.  Twenty-five (25) points will be deducted off total score for false starts in the semi-finals and/or finals.
  7. The top ten singers in all (excluding karaoke) categories will compete in the semi-finals.  In the event of a tie in the preliminary round, a sing off will decide.  A tie in the semi-final will be decided by the highest mark in the preliminaries.  A tie in the finals will be decided by the highest mark from the semi-final round.

  8. The top five (5) singers (except for the Karaoke and Duet Classes) from the semi-finals will advance to compete in the finals.

  9. If there are insufficient entries (minimum of 3 contestants) for any one category (including Karaoke), the committee reserves the right to: (1) combine male and female participants for that category and/or (2) advance them directly to the semi-final round (3) or cancel that category.

  10. All contestants may enter one (1) class only! Exception to this rule will be that you may enter the Duets and any one other eligible Class provided the songs are different in each category. Duet Class must have 50% harmony in their songs as determined by the judges.

  11. Contestants will be judged on enunciation, diction, voice range, timing, pitch, feeling and stage presence.  Dress is optional, but will be taken into account as part of the stage presentation.

  12. First place winners in the "open", "duets" and "18 and under" categories are only eligible to win that category for one (1) year and are not eligible to enter that same category for the following year.  First place winners in the 50+ catagory are only eligible to win two (2) consecutive years and then are not eligible to enter that same category for the following year.

  13. On the day of the contest, failure to appear after being called three (3) times will result in disqualification.

  14. The back up band for each category will provide accompaniment for that category throughout the entire competition.  Contestants will not be allowed to change their song selection after their registration has been accepted and must use the same two songs throughout the contest.


  16. By entering or attempting to enter this contest, all contestants or purported contestants remise, release and forever discharge Rogers Media Inc., its parent and affiliated companies, and all of their respective employees, directors, officers, shareholders, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively, at "Rogers"), from any and all claims, damages or liability for any loss, harm, damages, cost or expenses arising out of, or in any way related to, this contest, participation (or attempted participation) in this contest, and/or the awarding, receipt, possession, use and/or misuse of any contest prize (or any portion thereof), or any travel or activity that is related to the contest.

Nipissing Country Music 12 & Under Karaoke
Rules and Regulations
  1. Contestants must provide a quality Karaoke CD of both songs, by no later than June 01, 2018 (NO EXCEPTIONS)
    There should be no lead vocals on the CD.  No key changer is available.  CD should be "Contest Readyand must be "Country Songs", as judged by Committee. There will be no Television for watching the lyrics, therefore contestants must memorize their songs. Time limit for singing is not taken into consideration for this class.

  2. A maximum of fifteen (15) contestants (as determined by the Committee) will be accepted. (First come, first serve basis!)

  3. Rehearsals:  Friday at the Billy Barber Complex, unless otherwise stated and we will contact you.  Both songs will be rehearsed at a time to be determined.  You will be notified on your acceptance.

  4. Preliminaires (Saturday):  you will sing both songs.

  5. Finals (Sunday):  top three winners.

Contestants must sing one (1) slow tempo song and one (1) fast tempo song. Songs will be sung in that order (slow then fast). A good contrast in tempo is a must (as accepted by Committee).  





Due to time constraints, we will need to restrict the Number of contestants to 110 in total (excluding 12 & Under Class)




NAME: ______________________________________________________


ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________


CITY:  ______________________________________________________


POSTAL CODE:  ______________________________________________


PHONE:  (H) _______________________(W)_______________________


E-MAIL: ____________________________________________________


Name of Songs:


Slow Tempo: _______________________________________Key:_____


Fast Tempo: ________________________________________Key:_____


I Wish to Enter:  (check one only) Registration fee
*Male 18 & Under ________________  $50.00       *Female 18 & Under ________   $50.00
 Male Open   ____________________  $55.00        Female Open _____________   $55.00
*Male 50+ ______________________   $50.00      *Female 50+ ______________   $50.00
 Duets ___________________________$60.00 ($30.00 per person)
*12 & Under Karaoke:
               Male __________        Female __________  $15.00
Make money orders payable to the Nipissing Country Music Association
* Proof of age required with application.  I have read the rules governing the contest and agree to abide by them.
Signed:______________________________________  Date:  _________________________
By signing the above you are also agreeing to have your picture or video, etc... used for promotional purposes. 

You are not entered into the contest until we receive your offical entry, money order, e-transfer, CD or MP3,  lyrics and proof of age, where applicable. (Please send e-transfers to Harley at harleyrenaud@hotmail.com) Forward all applications to:
Northern Ontario Open Country Singing Contest
c/o Donna Roberts
533 Fisher Street
North Bay, Ontario P1B 2E4
For more intormation, contact Harley Renaud (705) 474-0776 or email harleyrenaud@hotmail.com
Registration is limited to 110 contestants.  All application packages must be received by June 01, 2018.  (See Rule #5)
Rehearsals will be held Wed., August 01 or Thurs., August 02, 2018 at the Callander Community Centre.  Times to be confirmed upon entry acceptance.
We will not be responsible for lost applications in the mail!

Sponsor Accommodations for contestants (Ask for Open Country Singing Contest contestant rates)

Best Western North Bay - 1-800-461-6199
Comfort Inn Lakeshore - 1-877-449-4484
Comfort Inn O'Brien - 1-866-260-8261
Travelodge Lakeshore - 1-866-578-7171  
Nipissing University - 1-705-474-3450 ext.2876 (Sept-April) or 1-705-474-2526 ext.2601 (May - August)
Hampton Inn - 1-877-409-8499
Sunset Inn - 1-800-463-8370
Ramada Pinewood Park Resort - 1-800-461-9592 or 1-705-472-0810

       **Male                                                                           **Female
*1st   *$1000.00                                                                     *$1000.00
*2nd  *$  600.00                                                                    *$  600.00
*3rd  *$  400.00                                                                     *$  400.00
*4th  *$  200.00                                                                     *$  200.00
*5th  *$  100.00                                                                     *$  100.00

18 & Under
      **Male                                                                                    **Female
*1st  *$  500.00                                                                        *$  500.00
*2nd  *$  300.00                                                                       *$  300.00
*3rd  *$  100.00                                                                        *$  100.00
*4th  *$    75.00                                                                        *$    75.00
*5th  *$    50.00                                                                        *$    50.00

50 +
       **Male                                                                                       **Female
*1st  *$400.00                                                                             **$400.00
*2nd  *$200.00                                                                            **$200.00
*3rd  *$100.00                                                                             **$100.00
*4th  *$  75.00                                                                             **$  75.00
*5th  *$  50.00                                                                             **$  50.00

12 & Under Karaoke
     **Male                                                                                          **Female
*1st  *$200.00                                                                                 **$200.00
*2nd  *$100.00                                                                                **$100.00
*3rd  *$  50.00                                                                                 **$  50.00


1st   *$500.00
2nd  *$300.00
3rd   *$200.00

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